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Why use SOPs as part of your Continuous Integration and Deployment workflow?

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) is built to integrate human processes as much as possible when they cannot be avoided.

In many organizations, testing and deploying new code involved a series of manual steps, some of which cannot be automated. This is where SOPs comes in. By allowing the CI/CD pipeline to automatically trigger the creation of a new checklist, you no longer need to manually tell people to proceed after a successful build.

The following diagram shows an example of how SOPs can be integrated to add both QA checks as well as Operations and Marketing.

How does SOPs work?

SOPs slots easily into your existing integration and/or deployment pipeline, regardless of what servers you use. By relying on webhooks or emails to trigger new lists, the integration options are next to limitless. Notifications can be sent to chat systems or emails, so everyone that need to can be notified of a completed list.

Anyone can sign off

Those who needs to sign off does not need access to your build pipeline.

Since SOPs is separate component from your main build pipeline, users don't have to have access to the pipeline to be able to check off tasks. Need VP approval for certain deployments? or maybe UX needs to weigh in before each new build is deployed? These users can easily be added to SOPs, where they can see their tasks and sign off as needed. No need to show them the details of the build pipeline.

Simple setup

Create a template, hook it up and you're good to go.

Integrating SOPs into your build pipiline only requires three steps: 1) Setup your checklist template 2) Trigger the list at the appropriate time form your build pipeline 3) (Optional) Setup how SOPs should notify you when a checklist is completed.

Full audit log

All actions, from checking/unchecking an item to finishing a checkllist is tracked with timestamps and username. That way it's easy to go back and see who signed off on a particular task; in case questions are being asked.

Mobile support

The frontend of SOPs has been build responsive to work equally well on desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones.

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